What does my portrait session include?

Custom Portrait Sessions include:

*An appointment to plan your session in detail

*A truly custom on-location shoot

*A fully edited portfolio of 50-100 images

*A wide range of images, including some bright, natural, smiling head shots

*A free yearbook photo with purchase if you are a senior portrait client

*Your entire portfolio on facebook for free

*A consultation to view your images and make selections

*The option to purchase prints, albums, a CD of your images, and other products, with no minimum order requirement


What’s the process?

When you book your custom session date, we will also book a planning date. On that day, we’ll meet to plan all the details of your session, including your wardrobe and all of your locations. On the day of your shoot, we’ll meet and spend about three hours taking pictures. Then I spend time choosing and editing a full portfolio, which takes one to two weeks. When all of your images are ready, we’ll schedule a viewing appointment, where you can make selections and place your order. Your order will be ready in one to two weeks for pickup. I’m a full-service photographer.


I want to see sample images from a photo shoot. Is that possible?

Yes. You may browse individual albums on the laura lindekugel photography public facebook page. If you don’t have access to facebook, call for a consultation and I would be happy to show you more work.


Do you shoot digitally or with film?

I shoot both digitally and with film. We can plan your session according to your preferences.


Where will my session take place?

All portrait sessions are truly custom. We can discuss the desired look of your portraits and decide on the perfect locations. I prefer bucolic settings and natural beauty as a backdrop, but I will take your portrait anywhere you choose.


Do you have a set of locations that you use?

No. Many photographers have a standard set of locations that they use over and over. I work with each client individually. I spend time during our planning consultation to get to know you, your personality, your wardrobe, and exactly what you would like. I scout locations constantly so that I can perfectly match the mood and setting for your photographs.


What does ‘custom session’ mean?

A custom session means that we plan your session just for you.


When will my session take place?

Early morning and late afternoon offer the most beautiful light for your portraits, and I schedule accordingly as the seasons change.


What should I wear?

You may wear anything you wish for your portrait. You may wish to consider more timeless clothing choices and the mood of your location so that your portraits will not look dated in years to come. For example, jeans will date a photograph immediately, while a simple white dress is more timeless. Picture the denims of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. I am happy to help you with specific choices during your portrait planning consultation.


Can I have outfit changes?

Yes. If you are comfortable changing on location, you are welcome to bring outfit changes. There is no additional charge for outfit changes.


How long will my session take?

Sessions usually last between one and four hours, depending on your preferences and the nature of the locations. Most sessions for girls are about three hours.


What kinds of shots can I expect?

I take a full portfolio of images for each client, tailored for each individual, plus some bright, natural, smiling head shots.


I like an image on another photographer’s website. Can you reproduce it or copy it?

I will not copy the work of another photographer. If you like another photographer’s image you should hire that person. Conversely, another photographer should never agree to try to copy my work. When this happens, clients are inevitably disappointed and usually spend additional money. Each photographer develops an individual shooting style and has a different level of technical experience. You should never assume that a photographer can reproduce the work of another, and any photographer with integrity will not agree, nor offer, to do this.


I’m dreading having my pictures taken.

Every client I’ve worked with has been nervous before his or her session, some to the point of illness. Within minutes they’re quite relaxed in front of the camera. Because your session is planned just for you, I am able to plan tucked away locations where you won’t feel on display. Almost without exception a client arrives with a sense of anxiety and leaves saying that she or he really enjoyed the process. And spending time together in planning means that most clients already feel at ease before the day of shooting.


Do you help me pose?

Yes. I’ll go through all of this with you before your session in detail, but I give you as much or as little guidance as you would like throughout your session. I’ve spent time in front of the camera working in Tokyo; behind the camera, then, I understand how to move the body for the most flattering images possible.


I don’t want to pay a session fee for portraits. Is it ever waived?

Yes! If you prefer, you can book based on a minimum print order and I will send you an agreement. Please call me to discuss the details.


Why is photography expensive? And how are photographers different from each other?

I spend about 20 to 25 hours on each client from start to finish. You are paying, largely, for my time, though equipment, the high quality prints and products you receive, and talent are also part of the cost. As you choose a photographer, understanding the amount of time each photographer spends on you is key to discerning value. Are your photographs truly custom? Is the photographer spending time scouting locations or do they go to the same ten spots? How long is your session? Are you receiving ten images or 25 or 50? I create a full portfolio for each client. Each one takes time to edit and perfect. Does the photographer edit images for you before you select them, or are you left to sort through 400 unedited shots on a small screen at home and without software to make comparisons side by side? Is the photographer printing cheap ink jet prints in-house or ordering archival quality photographs for you that will last? Is the photographer just burning a disc for you, or do they work with you to help to you select the best edited images and to order professional prints from a lab you would not have access to with a disc? Do you know how to crop an image to a new aspect ratio (like 5x7 or 8x10) from that disc before you bring it to the local photo shop? Asking questions about the amount of time each photographer spends, the level of service they provide, the quality of the products they offer, as well as considering a photographer’s style and what’s important to you will help you to choose a photographer who best matches your needs.


What questions should I ask a prospective photographer to help me choose? (+ my answers for comparison)

*How many hours will you spend on me from start to finish?

(I spend 20 to 25 hours on each client.)

*Do you meet with me in person ahead of time to plan my session?

(Yes, always.)

*Do you plan each session individually, or do you create the same basic look for clients?

(Every session I shoot is planned for that specific client. My photography is truly custom.)

*Do you go to the same general spots to shoot?

(I constantly scout locations for each client.)

*How long are your sessions?

(My sessions are between one and four hours. Most girls’ sessions are about three hours. I go to several locations with each client to develop a diverse portfolio for you.)

*Do you edit every image I see, or do I have to choose from unedited images?

(I edit and perfect every image you see.)

*How many edited images do you create for me?

(I create a full portfolio of about 50 finshed images for you. Each one is fully edited.)

*Do you offer all my images in color and black and white?

(I show you every image in both color and black and white.)

*Do you offer viewing appointments, or do I have to look at images on a small computer screen at home?

(I always schedule viewing appointments so that you can view all of your images in all of their detail on a larger screen, compare images side by side to better facilitate decisions, and provide help in making selections.)

*Do you order prints and other products for me, or do I have to figure that out myself?

(I provide full ordering service or the option to do it yourself with unlimted permission to reproduce images in any medium, if that’s your preference.)

*If you only give a disc of the images, do you crop photos for me to other aspect ratios like 5x7 and 8x10, or do I have to figure that out myself?

(I crop all images for your approval during the ordering process so that you can see the results before you receive finished prints.)

*If you order prints, are they ink jet prints or real photographs?

(I offer archival quality photographs from an excellent professional lab. I never order or make ink jet prints.)


Do you retouch photographs?

I edit every image you receive. This is included in your session cost. If you would like more dramatic effects, I am happy to consult with you and to make changes accordingly at a rate of $75 per hour.


When can we see our photographs?

About one to two weeks after your session, when your images are ready, we will schedule an appointment to view your images. You may make selections and place your order at that time. This appointment is an important part of the process, as you can view your images in all of their detail on a large screen, compare images side by side to better fascilitate decisions, and view and approve crops.


How do I order prints, albums, or DVDs?

You may place your order during your image-viewing appointment.


Do you sell CDs of all of the images?

Yes, if you wish you may purchase a CD of all of your full resolution images in color and in black in white. I grant you unlimited permission to reproduce your images in any medium.


Can I add my images on facebook?

Yes. As a courtesy to my clients, I upload all of your images to facebook for free after you place your order. I only require that you label them as you use them as profile pictures. You may not reproduce images from facebook.


What types of prints I can order?

I offer archival Professional and Fine Art Prints. Fine Art Prints are archival giclee (gee-clay) prints on fine art velvet paper. This is acid-free, cotton paper of the highest archival standards, and is similar to watercolor paper in texture. You may also order giclee prints on canvas. Giclee prints provide the highest quality color representation and rival traditional photographic printing techniques, such as silver halide and gelatin. Professional Prints are printed on archival Kodak Supra Endura paper. This paper has the appearance of traditional photo paper. These are real photographs and not inkjet prints. Each paper option offers a different visual quality. Samples are available for viewing, and I can help you to make selections. I also offer handmade, museum quality albums and folios, and framing, as well as other products.


How much do prints, albums, and DVDs cost?

Pricing for prints and other products is available upon request. Prints start at $30 for a 5 x 7.


What is the cost of an average order?

My average order last year was $1400.00. Clients generally spend between $600 and $3500 on prints and products after the session. I offer an interest-free payment plan or you may pay with a credit card if you wish.


Do you sell albums and other products?

Yes, I am proud to offer Cypress albums and folios. Each one is handmade using traditional artisan bookmaking techniques. Each mat is hand cut for sharp, precise edges, and fine Japanese bookmaking fabrics and Swiss satin ribbons are used. The binding is guaranteed for life. I have not seen higher quality or more beautiful albums or folios, and I know that you will enjoy your album or folio for many generations to come.


I would like to use a photograph for greeting cards, announcements, graduation open house invitations, save the date cards, invitations, stationery… Can I do this?

Yes! I am proud to partner with minted. com, who offer the highest quality products at reasonable prices. I will transfer a purchased image to my stationery partner at no additional cost to you. To view samples, please link to my storefront. Under the links tab on the website, click on ’ photo cards.’ Or visit the storefront at If you know ahead of time that you’d like to use an image for a card, we can even plan photography to suit a particular design!

If you would like to use an image to order cards or invitations yourself, I would be happy to transfer the image for a $50 fee.

Please do not scan and upload images out of respect for me and my work. It is illegal to do so.


How long will it take to receive my order?

After your order is placed, it takes about two weeks to receive prints and DVDs. Albums take about four to six weeks to receive as each one is custom and handmade.


How long are my photographs saved?

If you place an order, your images are archived and saved forever. If you do not place an order, your photographs will not be archived.


How do I make a payment?

I accept cash, checks, and payment via Paypal. I also offer an interest-free payment plan. If you choose to pay via Paypal, 3% of your order total will be added to your invoice.


When are booking fees due?

Your fees are due at the time of booking. You may hold the date with a credit card and pay in cash or by check before the session, if you wish.


What if I need to reschedule or cancel?

You may reschedule once due to illness or emergency. Please allow 24 hours notice for rescheduling of portraits.


What if there is inclement weather on the day of my session?

If the weather is poor on the day of your session, we will find the earliest available date to reschedule. There is no charge for rescheduling due to inclement weather.


How long will my prints last?

Fine Art Prints: You may order archival giclee (gee-clay) prints on acid-free, cotton fine art velvet paper or on canvas, which are both of the highest archival standards. These prints can be expected to last for 100 years or more when cared for properly. Samples are available for viewing.

Professional Prints: You may also order images printed on matte or glossy Kodak Supra Endura paper. When properly cared for, these prints can be expected to last 100 years or longer. Samples are available for viewing.


How do I care for my prints?

Protect your photographs from exposure to ultraviolet light by hanging or storing them in a place in which they are not exposed to direct light. If they are not displayed, store them in a cool, dark place away from humidity and household chemicals, and handle them carefully.