"I’m speechless. I’m just breathless. How do you do this? You just get girls to glow. You make them look like they are, I don’t know, out of time and space. The pictures of Emma are so wistful, so romantic, so dreamy. You made her look like a windswept moment out of Willa Cather’s My Antonia. The pictures are more than beautiful! They are so incredible. I am overwhelmed. It is amazing. She has never looked so beautiful."

-Bonnie Flood, parent of teen client.


"I cried when I saw the pictures. You’re the third photographer we used and no one else captured her the way you did. You have a true gift. Thank you."

-Sherri Hille, parent of teen client


"You were so fun to work with. I love that you got my style and everything I was trying to describe and I loved your ideas too. The pictures are spectacular. Toats indie. I loved taking pictures with you."

-Ethan Lauer, teen client


"OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!! There are so many good ones! *Amazing! Omg. Wow. Really. Really! You actually made me want to get my pictures taken again!"

-Isabelle Zdatny, teen client


"Thank you for making me feel beautiful."

-Carly Macgowan, teen client


"I felt so comfortable working with you and it was so much fun! The photos turned out more beautifully than I could ever imagine. You can tell from the photos I was having a great time. Definitely the best experience I’ve ever had with photography. They are amazing."

-Jenna Hille, teen client


"The photographs are really wonderful. You have such a great eye and it is obvious that Molly felt comfortable with you as her photographer. The pricing is so reasonable, too. Thank you. I wish you all the best."

-Philip Noyed, parent of teen client


"I can’t believe how at ease he was with you. Ben was dreading this and actually enjoyed it. We love the pictures and so does he. How will we ever choose? Thank you."

-Bob Flood, parent of teen client


"Just went to your site. Love your work and can’t wait to talk to you. So artistic, really quite genius!!! You genuinely reach into your subjects with great depth. Many of your shots have an artistic haunting quality to them. The quality of work that I’m only used to seeing in Vogue or Vanity Fair. So please put me on your schedule, we are looking forward to doing a shoot with you."

-Lohini Mayo


"Working with you was so much fun. I really liked that you asked for my input and the scenery you suggested made me feel…beautiful."

-Molly Noyed, teen client


"Laura, You are amazing!!! I was blown away by your talent. Seriously, you are brilliant."

-Margarey Zwiefelhoffer


"The pictures are so terrific! You made it seem so effortless and produced such stunning results…wow!"

-Kathy Mock, parent of teen client


"Working with you was really a pleasure. You had a way of putting me at ease and capturing a very natural and lovely look. I saw my best self and am happy to share that image with others. From sitting to proofs to final product, you delivered a lovely and professional product. I will definitely work with you again and recommend you to friends."

-Erin Adams, professional portrait client



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